Another project completed on the slopes of Mt Thredbo which saw the delivery of an optic fibre network to a new tower. The fibre route was positioned in line with one of the chair lifts on the mountain, thus creating an extremely challenging terrain for the 10 strong team to negotiate with the JT3020 Directional Drill and the Rock Equipment.

This Project was a planning intensive design and construct which only had a small window for completion in December. Any rain throughout the project would completely halt work due to the difficult terrain. Throughout the one-month window allowed, ABC successfully installed over 1000 m of 63mm conduit, as well as hauling and splicing the optic fibre.

One of ABC’s innovative water recovery systems was also implemented onsite for the duration of the project, in order to minimise the amount of water and soil used throughout the project.



1000m of 63mm Conduit
Optic Fibre Network
Water Recovery System Used

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