Fremantle Drainage and Microtunnelling

Fremantle Drainage and Microtunnelling

ABC Civil Group has been around for many years now, but prior to being ABC Civil Group the company directors and management were owners and operators of Fremantle Drainage and Microtunnelling. The company was one of the first companies to own and operate microtunnelling equipment in Australia. The works undertaken by Fremantle Drainage and Microtunnelling  include construction of shafts, microtunnelling and pipe jacking practices. Some of the highlight projects of the company included completing the first microtunnelling project in Queensland, as well as multiple successful projects being completed across Perth and NSW.

ABC Civil Group have maintained the senior management members of Fremantle Drainage and Microtunnelling to this day. Therefore, ABC Civil Group are confident in our ability to complete shaft sinking and other preparation works for microtunnelling projects.




First microtunnelling project in Queensland
Multiple drives completed across Australia
Shaft construction completed internally

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