Project Indigo

Project Indigo

Project Indigo was a major project which saw ABC responsible for the construction of an international cable connection for Optus throughout Sydney’s inner south. ABC were responsible for the Design & Construct of the project, involving route determination between points A & B. The project required ABC to install 2 x 125mm conduits installed in silty sand, fine to coarse grained sand, as well as some areas of sandstone.

The scope of the project included the complete Design & Construct of 5320m. Throughout the project, ABC were required to communicate and negotiate with members from the WestConnex Project, due to the designed project running within close proximity of the international cable installation process.

Some highlights of the project included:

  • The completion of Part 5C of Project Indigo (3695m) completed in under 10 weeks.
  • Over 3 million litres of water recycled using recovery system.
  • Crossing over 156 Communication Main cables
  • An average of one every 23m
  • Crossing of 273 Main Services, including gas mains, water main, sewer, transmission, etc.
  • An average of one every 13.5m
  • Negotiated nearby Underground Railway Network
  • Hence, average drill shot crossed 5 major services not including house connection services
  • Design process and project management techniques implemented allowed for successful construction phase


3million+ Litres Recycled Water
Design & Construct
5320 Metres of 2 x 125mm Conduit

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