Thredbo Village

Thredbo Village

Thredbo Village saw ABC undertake a difficult yet rewarding project, in delivering an extension of a water utility which now joins pump stations for the snowmaking pipeline on the slopes of Mt Thredbo. A labour force of 10 staff tackled the environmentally sensitive project over the course of one month, which included a high-risk drill shot under a creek, through rock, maintaining a depth of 5m.

The project was a planning intensive design and construct. Only a small window opens each year where plant and equipment can negotiate the slopes, with any rain meaning work grinds to a halt.

The project saw ABC install 120m of 450mm conduit in rock, utilising ABC’s JT4020 Directional Drill and rock equipment. One of ABC’s innovative water recovery systems was also implemented onsite for the duration of the project, in order to minimise the amount of water and soil used throughout the project.



120m of 450mm Conduit
Water Supply Network
Rock Drilling

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